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Naupoto to remain with RFMF

October 11, 2015 6:42 pm

Acting Military Commander Viliame Naupoto says he will not go into government but remain with the RFMF.

With Employment Minister Jioji Konrote’s resignation from government due to his nomination for Presidency, Naupoto is the next person in line to take up the now empty parliament seat.

However, Naupoto told FBC News yesterday, he will not leave the RFMF.

He has had discussions with the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama over the issue and says, the PM agrees with his decision.

“I will not go into Parliament. I have decided to just stay out and help the RFMF at this time in whatever capacity I can serve RFMF in whether as Commander or any other posting. So I will be tendering my resignation from the FijiFirst Party to allow me to stay back.”

With Naupoto now backing off politics, it leaves the seat empty to be taken up by the next person in line – veteran journalist Matai Akauola.

Speaking to FBC News, Akauola says he has not made a decision at this point in time.

“I’d await the decision of the Party. It’ll be good to hear what the Leader has in regards to the set-up as he has made all the decisions for Mr Konrote to be nominated for President. So, until we get to that stage, then we’ll see the direction and the decision that will be taken.”

Akauola was the former manager for Pacific Islands News Association and recently held the post of director for the Media Industry Development Authority.