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Natural Disaster

Villages in the Lau Group safe from TC Mona

January 8, 2019 12:55 pm
The Lau group

Tropical Cyclone Mona tracked over the Lau group yesterday, sparing major impacts to infrastructure.

FBC News spoke to a few residents who say they only experienced heavy rainfall and strong winds at certain places.

50-year-old Nasau villager, Sivoki Tuwaqa says they started preparing for TC Mona since last week.

Tuwaqa says strong winds were only felt by the villagers late yesterday with no damage recorded by the village emergency response team.

Yaroi villager, Tony Batibasaga says it was drizzling throughout the day yesterday with strong winds being felt in the early hours of the morning.

Batibasaga says big waves were seen yesterday afternoon as TC Mona passed over the Lau waters.

He says they had prepared evacuation centres but it was not used as the weather did not intensify yesterday night into this morning.

Strong winds were felt by Lovoni villagers of Ono-i-Lau.

25-year-old, Netani Waqavakatoga says heavy rain was experienced for about an hour late in the afternoon, however, it did not affect flood prone areas.

Waqavakatoga says they were advised by the National Disaster Management Officers on the ground to stay safe and keep away from flood prone areas.

Village of Namuka-i-Lau also experienced strong winds and heavy rain yesterday afternoon and was advised to stay indoors.

37-year-old villager Gade Sukulu says no houses were damage.

All these villages are trying to normalize by cleaning up.