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Natural Disaster

Two evacuation centers activated in Bua

January 6, 2019 4:18 pm
The Korolevu Crossing in Nabouwalu [Source: NEOC]

Two evacuation centers have been activated in Bua and currently holds 50 adults and children.

The two centers were opened following the heavy rain this morning.

This brings the total number of evacuation centers to seven which are opened and occupied so far in the Northern Division.

Nasolo-Crossing-in-Bua [Source: NEOC]

School managements have been notified by the Education Officer Bua for certain schools to be on standby for use as evacuation centre, should the need arise.

The Nabouwalu Hospital EOC has been activated and is on standby.

The Bua Provincial Council Office is liaising with all district representatives on the need for everyone to be prepared.

Nabouwalu, Kubulau and Wainunu are currently experiencing light rain with slight winds.

Lekutu and Bua districts are also experiencing some rain, heavy at times.

Meanwhile, communities in the Saqani District have been advised to take heed of the weather warnings.

They have been urged to refrain from walking through flood waters and to practice caution when travelling along hillsides or landslide-prone areas.

Parents have been urged to ensure that infants and children do not play in flooded areas, drains, rivers and other waterways.

According to the Northern Emergency Operation Center, as of now all Evacuation Centres in the Tikina Tawake, Saqani and Vaturova are ready.

All the Turaga-ni-Koro’s have been advised to activate these centers if the need arises.

The flood prone areas of Saqani District include Wavu Village, Korokoli Village, Domokavu Village, Navetau Village, Malake Village, Vatudiriniu Settlement, Yasawa Village and Togaviti Village.