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TC Mona shifts track east of Udu Point not passing Labasa

January 6, 2019 5:03 pm
In front of Daku Resort in Savusavu.

The Fiji Meteorological Services says category one Tropical Cyclone Mona is slightly shifting its predicted track.

Senior forecaster, Amit Singh says the predictions had earlier shown that TC Mona would track between Labasa and Udu Point leaning closer towards Udu Point.

In front of Daku Resort in Savusavu

However, Singh adds Labasa is out of the projected track as it’s now expected to move just east of Udu Point.

“The effects will be felt over the whole of northern division. It is already affecting Vanua Levu with heavy rainfall and strong to near gale force winds.”

Singh adds TC Mona will not make landfall over Vanua Levu but continues to move slowly towards the Northern Division at 20km/hr.

He says the shift in track is based on a number of movements.

“We analyse the upper atmosphere as well to see how it is steering or moving the system. We show that the primary steering has been east south-east which is the way it has tracked further north of what was expected.”

The weather office predicts the centre of the system to pass over land from this evening.

Singh adds the major impact expected from TC Mona is rain and flooding.

“Whole of Northern, Eastern and Central Division will be getting rain which is currently being experienced. This will continue into tomorrow. The winds will be strong to gale force for the Northern and Eastern Division. As for the rest of Fiji Group i.e. Viti Levu and other islands can expect fresh to strong winds.”

Meanwhile, a flood warning remains in force for all low lying areas, small streams and areas adjacent to major rivers of Fiji.

The warning is also extended to low lying areas and areas adjacent to Naqali station and downstream of Bagata station, Nakawaga River and Qawa station.

A flood alert remain in force for low lying areas and small streams adjacent to Dreketilailai station and downstream of Labasa River.

The next high tide is schedule for 7.24pm.