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TC Mona loop starts to take a clockwise turn

January 5, 2019 1:22 pm
The Qaloa back road in Navua

The Fiji Meteorological Services says category two Tropical Cyclone Mona loop is starting to take a clockwise turn.

Senior Forecaster, Amit Singh says in the past four hours the system has been moving in a northeast direction and is expected to move eastwards in the next few hours.

The track map [Source: Fiji Meteorological Services]

Singh says in the next 12 to 24 hours the system will start to move southeast tracking towards the Fiji group.

“Now it is very clear that it is taking the clockwise turn and starting to move more north-eastwards. The system should move more eastwards and later southeast wards.”

On its predicted path, TC Mona is expected over the Western part of Vanua Levu close to Nabouwalu.

The Galoa back road in Navua

The system will be moving south-southeast very close to the Lomaiviti Group towards the east of Suva and tracking east of Kadavu.

“There still is uncertainty as to the timing of when it will make landfall but we expect the system late tomorrow afternoon into the evening – this is when it should be very close or moving over the western parts of Vanua Levu.”

The threat map [Source: Fiji Meteorological Service]

At 10am TC Mona was analysed about 400km northwest of Yasawa and about 500km northwest of Labasa and about 500km north-northwest of Nadi.

Singh says there is also uncertainty in terms of the track TC Mona will take beyond 24 hours.

He adds this is the best predicted path by the weather office.

Meanwhile, a flood warning remains in force for all low lying areas, small streams and areas adjacent to major rivers of Fiji.

The Galoa back road in Navua

The warning is also extended to low lying areas and areas adjacent to Sabata station and downstream of Navua town, bridge and river as well as Naqali station.

A flood alert remains in force for low lying areas and areas adjacent to Labasa Civic station and downstream of Labasa town.

The MET office says Fiji can expect more troughs in the next week.

Singh says current only Tropical Cyclone Mona is looming over the group.

He adds the weather office does not expect any other low pressure system to affect Fiji.

The senior forecaster says TC Mona is expected to overcast Fiji for three to four days bringing heavy rain.