Natural Disaster

Rain and flooding major concern with TD03F

January 8, 2022 12:34 pm

[Source: Fiji Meteorological Service]

Fijians are being urged to prepare now for flooding as more rain is forecast to affect the group.

Acting Manager Forecasting Centre, Stephen Meke says the main concern with Tropical Disturbance 03F is flooding.

Meke adds should TD03F develop into a cyclone it will be Category Two at the most and will remain to the West of Fiji.

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“So we should expect it to start drifting closer to us later today into tomorrow but by later Sunday and on Monday it is expected to be just to the Southwest of Viti Levu. At the moment we are anticipating that it might become a Category One or Category Two at max for this system.”

Meke says as at 11am TD03F was located 550km West of Nadi and active rain bands from the system continue to affect the whole of the Fiji group adding that flooding will be the main concern for many.

“We should expect rain to continue and we should prepare for flooding especially the Western and Northern Divisions. SO to those in flood-prone areas prepare for flood as we expect this rain to continue like this at least for the next couple of days.”

Meke says according to their forecast of the current system, the weather should begin to clear by Thursday or Friday.