Nakama Hot Springs to be developed

January 26, 2022 12:38 pm

Residents of Savusavu and the nearby communities will soon see the improvement of a unique landmark of the town, the Nakama Hot Springs.

Savusavu Town Council Chief Executive, Seema Dutt says at present the Hot Spring is used for cooking food by locals, is bare, eroded and has no economic value.

Speaking at a public consultation on the development of the Hot Spring site in Savusavu last night, Dutt highlighted that the site also does not offer any educational information or facilities.

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She adds that despite being a unique feature of the town, it isn’t even a tourist attraction.

Dutt says the proposal is to improve the site to benefit the locals and the town.

“Looking at the benefits, it will establish an educational centre and attraction, it will train local guides, improve safety by fencing the area whilst giving access for locals to cook as they have always done.”

Minister for Local Government, Premila Kumar says the project is about local economic development and it is under that theme that they were able to get the funds from the Commonwealth Local Government Forum.

“So, within this thematic framework, we managed to get the funds. But, to assist putting this proposal together I would like to thank the Blue Town Committee members who worked with the CEO of the Savusavu Town Council and they came up with the proposal. So, it’s extremely important that we hear your views in this consultation. “

Some key features that will be added to the site include walkways, sitting facilities, a garden and an information bure and selling space for souvenirs and locally cooked food.