Nabavatu youth get farm tools

June 28, 2022 5:05 am

Minister for Youth and Sports Parveen Bala with the youths of Nabavatu Village.

After almost two years of being displaced and living in tents, the youth of Nabavatu Village have banded together to farm the available idle land at their temporary relocation site.

The youth group yesterday received farming implements through the Youth Farm Initiative from the Ministry of Youth and Sports to help them with their farming.

While handing over the tools, Minister for Youth and Sports Parveen Bala says the young people will be able to earn an income through the sale of the crops they grow.

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“I was told there are 63 registered members in this youth club and the income that you will generate will not only assist you but your families as well. The Youth Farm Initiative isn’t just to benefit you as an individual.” 

Youth Club President Wame Niutamata says they started farming two months ago and needed implements to expand their farm.

He told FBC News that it’s not easy trying to farm while being displaced, but they are using every opportunity they get to work on their farm at the temporary relocation site at the Savadrua SDA Church.

This is the first time the youth club has received any sort of assistance from the government as they have only just registered.