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My life was very hard with Naidu claims Devi

June 14, 2018 5:25 am

“I had a very hard life with Bal Krishna Naidu for eight years.”

These were the claims made by accused, Marriane Premila Devi in the Suva High Court this afternoon.

Devi is charged with one count of murder.

It is alleged that Devi set fire to her defacto partner on November 17th, 2016 at their home in Sakoca, Suva.

Defence Witness, Devi told the court that Naidu was a very violent man and often hit her and her three daughters.

She claims since 2009, when Naidu brought Devi out of the Saint Christopher’s Home, she lived a very difficult life.

Devi told the court that she reported this matter to the Police and her church – who advised her to forgive him.

The accused claims that Naidu misused her money to purchase alcohol and took her for granted.

In testifying, Devi told the court that on the day of the incident, she was at work until 6pm and upon returning home she found her place in a mess.

Devi’s eldest daughter informed her that Naidu along with his friends were drinking alcohol during the day.

The accused told the court that before going to work she had given Naidu $150 to repair their taxi’s broken windscreen, however, he had used the money to purchase alcohol.

Devi says that when she went to the kitchen to cook dinner, she found that there was no kerosene left as Naidu had given it to the neighbour.

She decided to leave Naidu and went to pack her bags, when he tried to stop her by blocking the door.

Devi claims she then poured a bowl of leftover kerosene on him, thinking that Naidu would move away however, he refused to.

The trial continue tomorrow.