More work needed on jetties: Radrodro

May 14, 2022 12:55 pm

Opposition MP Salote Radrodro claimed in parliament that the Fiji Roads Authority has done very little to rehabilitate jetties around the country.

Radrodro further claims that this is due to low budget allocated to FRA to complete these projects.

The SODELPA MP also claims maritime travelers are facing challenges while using some jetties and their facilities.

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“I am also one of them and I have experienced the same risks, dangers and frustrations that one has to go through during that time. From this side of the house, we continue to highlight the need to improve the infrastructure on jetties and passenger shelters.”

However, Infrastructure Minister, Jone Usamate says work on jetties has progressed, and the delays, in some cases, have been due to disruptions caused by natural disasters.

“There has been, as the honorable members have said, an increase in the frequency of shipping services bringing more passengers to the islands, and in this regard, there is always a high demand. FRA has now facilitated a request received from the Savusavu Town Council, which looks after Savusavu and Nabouwalu, to maintain the daily operation for the three jetty waiting areas.”

There are 28 jetties on the FRA asset list, of which 24 are operational, while four remain either beyond repair or not safe for public use.

After an inspection, the FRA has concluded that 28 jetties need repairs and nine need to be upgraded.