More women representation needed in Maritime sector

May 19, 2022 6:00 am

In the Pacific, women represent 1.2% of the global seafarer workforce which indicates an increase of 45.8% in comparison to the 2015 quo.

This was highlighted by Principal Strategic Lead for South Pacific Community Mereseini Rakuita while marking the International Day for Women in Maritime yesterday in Nabua.

This year the theme is “Training Visibility, Recognition: Supporting a barrier-free working environment”

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Principal Strategic Lead for South Pacific Commission, Mereseini Rakuita.

She says despite the increase, there is a very low representation of women in this traditionally male-dominated area.

“In the Pacific, it is estimated that less than 10% of persons working in the maritime sector are women and employed predominantly in support, administrative, and mid-level management roles, of this 10%, 5% are employed in shipping companies, agents, supply and freight supply chain companies; less than 2% are employed as female seafarers serving in national fleets, and less than 1% serve in foreign going vessels.”

Head Asia and the Pacific Section Bekir Ustaoglu says it is great to see women bringing diversification in the maritime sector however the voice and representation are not up to par.

“For example offshore, globally women represent only 2 percent towards 1.2 billion seafarers, the celebration of the day like today is not something we want to honor on its own but to eventually strive towards every day slowly breaking down the proceedings or real obstacles that potentially prevents women’s participation in all areas of the maritime sector”

He adds it is imperative to ensure that there are pathways for women, and career opportunities in seafaring and on-shore which currently has low participation.