More pledges needed on ocean action: Guterres

June 28, 2022 12:50 pm

[Source: António Guterres / Twitter]

The 2022 UN Ocean Conference which started yesterday will focus its discussions on restoring the poor health of the global oceans.

Several Heads of State and ocean advocates are attending the conference to advance progress on science-based solutions to ensure better management and conservation of the ocean and its resources.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres yesterday urged the international community to commit and unite around the protection and preservation of our seas.

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The UN Chief says mankind has taken the ocean for granted and is now facing an ocean emergency.

“We must turn the tide. Global heating is pushing the ocean temperatures to record levels creating fierce and more frequent storms. Sea levels are rising and low-lying island nations face inundation as do many coastal cities in the world.”

Guterres urged stakeholders to invest in sustainable ocean economies.

“Sustainable ocean management could help the ocean produce as much as six times more food and generate 40 times more renewable energy than it currently does. We need sustainable business models for ocean economies to operate in harmony with marine environments and to guarantee a sustainable seafood industry. “

The conference will conclude on Friday.