More investment needed in Taveuni

April 26, 2022 5:00 am

Naqara, Taveuni. [File Photo]

Developing the Taveuni township will encourage more people to stay there, says Savusavu Town Special Administrator Doreen Robinson.

Robinson says there is a lack of facilities in Taveuni, and due to this, people have been leaving for better opportunities.

She says it is time to build the township and make it an attractive place for people to stay or for people to come and invest.

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“There is a lot of money in Taveuni, but a lot of it is going out simply because the facilities are not there, so if we develop the township and we have other professionals coming in, such as dentists and pharmacists, people will be more inclined to stay there.”

Local Government Minister Premila Kumar was in Taveuni recently where she met with the Development Committee for Mataqali Valelevu in Somosomo and other relevant stakeholders.

Special Administrator Doreen Robinson says they hope to develop the market and bus stand area and move to proper town development.