More focus on climate change issues for Australia

June 29, 2022 6:00 am

[File Photo]

Australian Minister for International Development and the Pacific Pat Conroy, says they are aware of how the Pacific family was frustrated by the former Australian Government’s approach to climate change in recent years.

Speaking via online during a conference yesterday, Conroy says this is expected to change as a new government has been elected, and they are absolutely committed to acting on climate change.

“Unfortunately, the former Australian Government disrespected the Pacific family by not taking adequate action on climate change. So I want to assure you today that the new Australian Government will join with our Pacific family in constructive ways to deal with this challenge.”

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Conroy says a true family respects each member, listens to the concerns of family members, and acts upon those concerns.

He says the federal election in Australia last month showed the Australian people understand the imperative for action on climate change.