More discussion needed on HIV/AIDS

December 4, 2022 7:40 am

More efforts are now being placed on creating awareness on HIV and AIDS as inadequate knowledge and risky practices are major hindrances in preventing its spread.

Reproductive Family Health Association Humanitarian Focal Person, Benito Sigaveivola says in some communities, it is still considered a taboo to talk openly about sex-related topics.

He says with increasing number of HIV/AIDS cases, it becomes even more important to fathom the knowledge and attitude of the young towards the condition.

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“As program officers with RFHA is it make sure that we keep on providing information to the people especially to the hard to reach area, to the women, to the men, to the vulnerable, people living with HIV and provide them with support and also engaging people with disability and also young people in the community.”

Sigaveivola says the increasing number of cases is a stark reminder that we can no longer maintain silence on this topic.