More calls for a united Pacific effort against climate change

April 24, 2022 6:48 am

It only makes sense for Pacific Island countries to work together in the fight against climate change.

These were the sentiments shared by Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister, Simon Kofe following his address at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Head Office.

Kofe who is also a Noble Peace Prize Nominee says Pacific Island countries have common interests and values adding that climate change is an issue that affects everyone in the Pacific.

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“So it only makes sense that we need to work together and I think that is something that we can improve moving forward, to ensure that we are collaborating, we are pushing and supporting each other for leadership positions.”

The Tuvaluan Minister says something that also needs to be improved and seen more is Pacific Countries lobbying for each other on the international scene.

Kofe says there is so much more that can be done to fight climate change aside from COP meetings.

“If Fiji has a candidate to an important international body, Tuvalu would certainly be supportive of that and go further by lobbying and advocate for that. Because I believe a Pacific Island member on an international body represents all of us, because it represents all our interests.”

Meanwhile, European Union Ambassador to the Pacific, Sujiro Seam says they will continue to support Fiji and the Pacific as these countries deserve to get recognition for being at the forefront of the consequences of climate change.