More attention needed for older persons with disabilities

June 22, 2022 12:10 pm

[Source: Fijian Government/ Facebook]

The issues faced by older persons with disabilities are not reflected in the disability programming says Poverty Alleviation Minister Rosy Akbar.

While officiating at Fiji’s First Consultation Workshop for Older Persons with Disabilities, Akbar says there is little to no attention for older persons with disabilities.

Akbar says there are 189 senior citizens who have aged or are ageing with disabilities at the state homes.

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[Source: Fijian Government/ Facebook]

She says older persons with disabilities are far more marginalized due to the lack of access to services including affordable health services, social protection, and support services.


“There is very little or no attention targeted to older persons with disabilities. We talk about older persons. They already have problems, challenges and barriers to life, imagine if you are disabled and you are ageing so your barriers are going to increase and what do you need to overcome that, you need a good support system, you need a good family system and of course, you need finances as well.”

Akbar says the Government is committed and working in collaboration with all partners, so it can holistically and contextually address the real needs of our people that are ageing with disabilities in Fiji.