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Missing people being abducted or trafficked are false: Police

August 13, 2018 1:01 am

The Fiji Police Force has slammed speculation of missing people being abducted or linked to human trafficking as false information.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Maretino Qiolevu says this is not true as majority of people that go missing are found safe and well or had initially failed to communicate their plans.

The Police are calling on parents and guardians to keep an open line of communication with their loved ones during the two weeks holiday.

There’s often a spike of missing person’s reports during the second term school break due to various social and sporting activities taking place.

The Police are concerned with missing person’s reports after receiving 100 reports from January to July of which 78 have been found after a period of one or two days either staying with relatives or friends.

22 cases are pending of which two have drowned but the bodies of the victims are yet to be found.

Four are still missing at sea, leaving 16 cases pending which are being pursued by investigating officers.

Police confirm majority of the cases involved those between 15-30 years of age where a disagreement with loved one led them to run away from home.

While some failed to inform their family members of their plans to stay at a friends or relatives home.

Parents and guardians are advised to communicate with each other as there have been cases where a child stays at a friends or relatives home without informing their parents.

Police are encouraging the public to work together to avoid the unnecessary panic and stress caused when an individual is reported missing.