Mini Budget 2022

Mixed reactions from SODELPA MPs

March 25, 2022 4:44 pm

From left: Mosese Bulitavu, Viliame Gavoka and Niko Nawaikula [Source: Parliament of the Republic of Fiji]

SODELPA members once again seem divided after the announcement of the Revised 2021/2022 National Budget.

In Parliament today, almost all members of the opposition made it clear they were not impressed with the announcement of the revised budget, but one however singled out how the budget is indeed for the people.

Niko Nawaikula has labelled the Revised National Budget as deceiving.

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“So the bottom line is that the economy is very weak, there is no money and he is not even authorized by l am telling you to lie and tell the country we need a revised budget or a mini-budget because this is not a situation where we should be doing that.”

SODELPA Leader, Viliame Gavoka has branded it an election budget.

“A very blatantly an election budget, the many giveaways including the minimum wage are things we have been pressing for, for quite some time. Question is, did we need to do this, the answer is no. But it indicates the elections will be held very shortly and we are ready.”

In somewhat of an expected move, SODELPA MP, Mosese Bulitavu says the budget adequately addresses issues people had raised during budget consultations.

“And I think its for the people, I think its something that the people will be happy about. All budgets are aimed to assist the people so we are fortunate that we have a revised budget.”

Meanwhile, Gavoka stressed that had a SODELPA government been in power, people would not have to wait till next year to get a $4 minimum wage.