Milestone achievements for FCLC farmer associations

October 3, 2022 5:20 am

The Fiji Crop and Livestock Council is working to ensure that all the farmer associations under their banner continue to access benefits available for them.

Six farmer associations have registered with the FCLC held their annual general meetings.

FCLC Chief Executive Jiu Daunivalu, says these AGMs are important for the legal standing of the associations.

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The Fiji Spice Farmers Association was the first of the associations registered with FCLC to hold their AGM, followed closely by the Fiji Dalo Farmers Association, the Fiji Ginger Farmers Association, the Fiji Grazing and Livestock Farmers Association, and more recently, the Fiji Fruit & Vegetable Farmers Association and the Fiji Tavioka Farmers Association also held their AGMs.

According to Daunivalu, more than 450 farmers attended the meetings, with women making up approximately 20% of the attendees.

Daunivalu says they want the farmer association to be able access financial institutions, and gather information on market development.