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Members of the public urged to look out for senior citizens

October 1, 2018 4:48 am

A senior citizen and resident of the Labasa Old People’s Home is urging the public to always defend and look out for the older generation.

54-year-old Peter Sinclair says with today being International Day for Older Persons, it is only right to plead with the public to treat senior citizens with the respect they deserve,

“As part of the senior citizens, we ask that the public perceives us in a better way. Looks at us in a different way that we are not ignored. Sometimes we are said to be, “Oh! You old now. You too old now. What do you know? This is the new generation. A new generation where almost everything is done electronically. Your days are gone.”

Sinclair who needs assistance of a wheelchair to move around and has been living in the home ever since his parents died over two decades ago.

Speaking at the International Day for Older Person celebration in Labasa this morning, Sinclair says at this day and age, there is always news of human rights abuse happening.

With the theme “Older Human Rights Champions,” Sinclair says when you champion Human Rights, you have to respect it and create an environment that is inclusive.

“We are asking the public that right of ours and to respect it because senior citizens, we belong to the marginalised group. When anything happens, disaster or when climate change comes into play, we are the ones who suffer more than normal people.”

The celebration for International Day for Older Persons in Labasa started with a march through town and ended at the Labasa Old People’s Home.