Mediation centre now available

October 18, 2015 1:00 am

Anyone with disputes now has an effective and swift solution through the new Mediation Centre for Fiji.

Chief Justice Anthony Gates says Fiji has formally reached a new threshold for people to approach disputes between parties.

“Fiji Mediation Centre will be a place where people can either be referred by the courts or they can come along themselves and bring their disputes and from a list of accredited mediators on of them can be selected to assist in the process of mediation.”

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Disputes by parties whether a family matter, a business issue, and personal disputes between individuals can now be solved easier and faster.

However Justice Gates also points out the Mediation Centre is not the same as a formal court process.

Singapore Mediation Centre Director, George Lim says the role of a mediator is to find a solution acceptable to both parties and in the end, they craft their own outcome for that dispute.

The Mediation Centre will be most helpful for families who have a fallout over disputes.

The Centre, based at government building in Suva is now available for all Fijians.