Mariners reminded to always be prepared

May 11, 2022 5:20 am

Seafarers and mariners in Labasa have been reminded to always ensure safety is number one when preparing to go out at sea.

The remainder was given to 84 graduates of the Boat Master License and Restricted Master/Engineer Class 6 training course in Namara, Labasa.

Speaking at the closing of the two-week training, Divisional Police Commander North Senior Superintendent Viliame Soko says safety should always be paramount.

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“One thing I want to emphasize, something that you need to take home now and is to be with you all the time when you operate that outboard motor or that outboard is safety. All the courses, the things you have learnt these two weeks, is all about safety. Out at sea, is all about safety. Your check list is something you need to check, and check and recheck.”

Now offered for free by government, the Boat Master License training allows the captain to take out boats from the shore to the reef.

The Restricted Master/ Engineer Class 6 allows them to go from the reef to 15 nautical miles and is for specified areas only.

Participant Alumita Tabua runs a fishing business and owns two boats.

She told FBC News, having the licenses will allow her to expand her business and also go out to sea.

“With these two licenses, we can go to the sea without worrying at more because without these two licenses, we cannot go out fishing or go anywhere.”

The training is offered to enhance safety and ensure that boat captains are aware of the risks connected with operating a boat out at sea.