Man missing at sea, family seeks answers

September 22, 2022 6:51 pm

Sachindra Kumar Lal

A family from Narere, Nasinu, is devastated and seeking answers as to how 42-year-old Sachindra Kumar Lal went missing from an inter-island vessel bound for Natovi Jetty in Tailevu on Tuesday night.

According to Police, Lal was reported missing at sea after he failed to disembark an inter-island vessel at Natovi.

Lal, who was a truck driver, had boarded the vessel from Nabouwalu Jetty bound for Natovi, but was only discovered missing when he could not be located to move his truck.

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Lal’s distraught wife, Sandhya Lal, told FBC News that her husband had been driving the truck for two years and was a frequent traveler to Labasa.

Sachindra Kumar Lal’s family [Photo: Supplied]

She says her husband used to inform her if he was not returning home.

Lal says on Monday this week, her husband called her during the day, informing her that he would leave for Labasa at the night and would return the next day.

She says her husband came home around 8 pm and left for Natovi Jetty half an hour later.

Lal says she spoke to her husband a couple of times on Tuesday, following which he left for the Nabouwalu Jetty at around 4 pm.

She says her husband also spoke to their five-year-old daughter and also joked with her.

She says at around 6.30 pm, her husband had a conversation with their elder son.

The mother of three, who was not able to hold her emotions, says her husband had informed her elder son that he would be home by mid-night.

However, this did not happen.

She says at around 1.30am, she received a call from one of the drivers that they were not able to locate her husband on the boat.

Lal says her husband’s bedding, bag, and other items were still on the boat, but there was no trace of him.

The family is now seeking answers as to what happened to the father of three who was on his way home.