Male mentality needs to change to end domestic violence: Survivor

December 1, 2022 11:50 am

A 52-year-old mother of seven who was in an abusive relationship believes that the male mentality needs to change in order to eradicate domestic violence from society.

Domestic violence survivor, Avuna Atelaite says she used to sit in a corner and cry every day until one day in 2018 when she decided that she can fight to end domestic violence.

Atelaite says after being in an abusive relationship for years, she decided to change herself.

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“I believed I will fight to end this violent man and this will change myself, especially my husband with my six boys.”

Ateliate who is now a community activist says a number of issues hold women back from speaking openly about domestic violence.

“Women in our community do not know where to go when they face violence like me, we just sit in a corner and cry. Most of us don’t go and share their stories because of their confidentiality may be breached.”

A pilot project has been implemented in New Town, Matata, and Wailoku to address domestic violence and 26 community activist have also been recruited.