M-PAiSA hoaxers referred to police

September 27, 2022 4:20 pm

[File Photo]

Vodafone Fiji has confirmed referring several matters of hoax calls and social media posts for M-PAiSA to the police.

Head of E-Commerce Shailendra Prasad says they have noted a worrying trend where Fijians are lured into believing that they have won major prizes and have revealed their personal account details.

Prasad says they are working with police to apprehend the defrauders.

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“One thing people need to know is that in Fiji all the mobile numbers and sim cards are registered, so we have the personal details of the people who have been calling and these will be provided to the police and I am sure, in due course, the police will apprehend people.”

Prasad is urging M-PAiSA users not to disclose their account PIN or OTP over the phone or in person

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirms they have received such complaints, with the majority being from Lautoka and Labasa

“Our investigators are looking into these cases and working closely with our cybercrime unit as well as the mobile service providers.”

Vodafone Fiji is reminding Fijians that the hoax calls are not facilitated by them and they are urging customers to exercise caution and not to partake in responding to any calls and messages from unknown sources and parties.