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LTA to take new approach towards enforcement

February 8, 2019 7:36 am

The Land Transport Authority will be taking a new approach towards its enforcement activities.

Chief Executive, Samuel Simpson says they want to become an intelligence based organization to catch the culprits off guard.

This as LTA impounded fifty-six motor vehicles involved in illegal operations in the first five weeks of this year.

“We are planning in the near future to change the way we manage our enforcement. We will become very much an intelligence led organization so we will be out there to see what is happening and then we will target our enforcement action based upon our intelligence of what’s happening on the ground.”

Simpson says they are also concerned with the manipulation of taxi meters in private vehicles and have begun an investigation with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service in relation to non-payment of tax on illegal earnings.

Fiji Taxi Association President Raben Singh says this is a great move to curb illegal activities.

“They doing better what is supposed to be done for the last two years – but nothing was happening. But things are now being improved by LTA. They are doing a very good job as illegal activities are being stopped now.”

The LTA has increased its activity this year on the road and Simpson says they will work hard to ensure the safety of all road users through continuous enforcement activity.

He says the team is also monitoring taxis that are operating illegally from another zone.