LTA to focus on raising standards

October 1, 2022 8:24 am

The Land Transport Authority will continue to raise the standard for bus operators.

Newly appointed Chief Executive Flagon Bekker highlighted this while making submissions to the Standing Committee on Social Affairs on the Land Transport Authority’s 2014 to 2017 Annual Reports.

Bekker says the Quality Assurance Maintenance System, which was put in place to oversee public transportation providers, is succeeding despite a delayed start.

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“The bus sector has responded, the service providers have responded to their challenge and over time there has been a remarkable improvement in passing both phase one and two. At the moment on average more than 80 percent of our bus operator pass phase one and that’s a remarkable increase.”

Bekker says the LTA will ensure service providers comply with the requirements.

“We don’t stop there, we will continue to monitor the standards as technology changes from an OEM point of view and as global standards evolve and we will continue to raise standards overtime to make sure that our operators and our service companies comply. “

The LTA will continue to review its strategy to stay relevant in a constantly changing technological environment.