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Low turn-out a worry for FEO

November 14, 2018 12:01 am

The Fijian Elections Office remains concerned about the low voter turnout at some polling stations.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, says they have received updates and as of the last hour, numbers were not impressive in the Lami area.

At the Waiqanake District School, as of midday, 90 out of the 579 registered voters had cast their votes.

140 out of the 1191 registered voters have cast their votes at the Chauhan Primary School, while at Kalekana Methodist Hall, so far, only 80 have turned up. This station has 824 registered voters.

At the Cooperative College, out of the 678 registered voters, only 90 have so far cast their votes.

The Veisari Ground Shed, has so far seen 300 out of the 668 voters turn up.

In the West, Namataku District School in Navosa, has seen only a mere 20 voter’s turn up. This center has 272 registered voters.

Saneem says they have got a lot of queries from voters who have not been able to cast their votes and has reminded his staff to be alert.

“It appears that our staff are rushing through the voting process and I would like them to take their time and find the number of the voter on the voters list. If they can’t find it, refer it to us through the toll free list, we will help you find it from the headquarters here. I would recommend not to return any voters until you have exhausted this process. It is essentially important for voters to be able to vote and for you to find their names on the list, particularly if the 1500 says they are in that station.”

Polls close at 6pm.