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Lolohea admits in court that he stabbed Dicovi

May 2, 2018 4:45 am

56-year-old Timoci Lolohea took the stand in the Suva High Court today and admitted that he stabbed his defacto partner Elenoa Dicovi with two kitchen knives on the 20th March, 2017.

Lolohea said that Dicovi died from the stab wounds he had inflicted on her.

He reiterated that it was his intention to kill his defacto partner.

Lolohea told the court when he first visited Dicovi in Nadera, he wanted her to sign a sale and purchase agreement. When Lolohea asked Dicovi if she would return to him after signing the agreement, Dicovi replied no and said she will be with her new boyfriend as she was pregnant and it wasn’t Lolohea’s child.

He mentioned that Dicovi had replied to him with such insulting, provocative way that he was suddenly struck.

Lolohea then returned to the vehicle and brought two knives, one was in his pocket, one in his right hand and was holding papers in his left hand.

He informed the court that he told Dicovi that he’s not a fool to buy a house and let Dicovi and her new boyfriend live in it.

His defacto partner then told him that the baby she was carrying was not his and she wasn’t going to return to him.

Lolohea said at that very moment, he was filled with an overwhelming feeling of rage, jealousy and fury.

He said he was blinded by rage and that moment his defacto partner was his enemy and had to be taken out and without any warning struck her with a knife.

Lolohea mentioned that when he did that, all the anger bottled inside him came out and he wanted to finish her there and then.

He said in court that he would have let his defacto leave their relationship if she had answered him in a nice way when he asked about her affair.

But he said then when she insulted him, it erupted a very bad character that was always with him and when that happened, all the anger, emotions burst out which resulted in her death.

Lolohea said in that very moment he was back in his military mode of training and that was to kill.

He said that he found killing as effective and it had a disastrous effect on him leading to the death of his beloved Elenoa.

He adds that when he toured to various countries overseas, he lived amongst people who were always in a conflict situation and were always volatile and that affected his life.

Lolohea said that he wasn’t always violent with Dicovi until he found out her affair.

He adds that he had invested a lot on his defacto partner.

Lolohea reiterated in court that who wouldn’t want to kill Dicovi at that time after she broke their matrimonial contract, lost his trust and went to another man.

He has been further remanded.

Lolohea is charged with one count of murder.

The trial will continue tomorrow where the Defence Counsel is expected to present his witness.