Locals victimized by cash gifting scams

May 24, 2022 6:10 am

[File Photo]

Fijians continue to fall victims to online scammers and according to Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit, they have now been lured into cash gifting scams.

FIU Director, Razim Buksh says in recent scams unfolded by the Unit, they found that Fijians residing abroad are committing these crimes through social media.

Buksh says Fijians living overseas are orchestrating cash gifting scams through their old bank accounts held in Fiji.

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“For example in a cash gifting scam, they will contact individuals, and Fijians through social media, and they will lure them into believing that there would be a reward or additional cash or bonuses that will be given as a result of them gifting cash. So the local Fijians would deposit the money into the bank accounts of this person of interest.”

FIU Director, Razim Buksh.

Buksh adds a substantial amount of money has been lost by locals through such scams.

“We had seen, for example, in one particular case, 83 transactions totalling $52,000 were put into the bank account of one suspect and in this particular case, the account was operated by the nephew.”

The FIU Director says they continue to ensure the safety of Fiji’s financial system.