Limited number of machines a challenge

September 23, 2022 5:20 am

Insufficient in machines a challenge for works on seawalls.

Limited machinery is a constraint for the waterways ministry to carry out the work on seawalls.

Ministry’s senior technical officer, Inosi Nabuka, says they have a limited number of machines, which is a challenge.

Nabuka says if there is more machinery, the work will be expedited.

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“If only we could have more machinery in our hands so we could carry out the work in-house to accommodate projects. While the big seawalls we can accommodate through our budget, the small seawalls can be accommodated in-house with our own machinery and staff.”

Ministry’s senior technical officer, Inosi Nabuka.

Meanwhile, Nabuka says after the cabinet approval of the National Waterways Policy Framework, potential donor funding was explored.

He adds that in the meantime, relevant ministry programme policies are being developed.