LGBTQI community needs a chance: Vulavou

December 1, 2022 9:40 am

The Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network are calling on communities to show inclusivity of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, Queer and Intersex communities in order to enable them to show their full potential.

Chief Executive Isikeli Vulavou says the group has been marginalized and condemned in the societies

Vulavou says this tends to slow their progress in society.

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“I must say that LGBTQI people are blessings, in their own communities, in their own families, I’m sure if you have LGBTQI people who are members of your family, they are very resourceful, and they are very talented. And we are very caring people, we love taking care of our families.”

Vulavou says with these qualities they will be able to make great contributions to their communities however they need a stronger alliance to do so.