Less expensive yet respectful alternative for cremation

June 19, 2022 4:50 pm

Following the opening of the new gas crematorium at Raralevu Cemetery, Fijians will be able to access the less expensive yet loving and respectful alternative of cremating their loved ones.

The Supreme Fuel Limited Director, Rajesh Patel, who is also one of the donors, says the gas crematorium replaces the need to buy firewood.

The services of the crematorium cost around $700 and include seats, internet services, lights, sound systems, television and a car park.

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Patel says the new crematorium provides an affordable and better option for families to pay their last respects to their loved ones.

“The amount of money people were paying was very expensive. We all decided to do something for people where they could save money as the time is very tough.”

Waituri Grain Feed Mills Limited Director, Sajjana Nand, says he wanted to give back to the community.

Nand says he has a great linkage with the property as his ancestors who arrived during the Girmit era have been cremated at this very place.