Legislative review aims to improve qualifications standard

November 25, 2022 5:18 am

Dr Rohit Kishore

The Fiji Higher Education Commission through collaboration with stakeholders and consultants is carrying out a legislative review to improve the qualification standard offered at various institutions.

Director Dr Rohit Kishore reports the review is being carried out in consultation with international tertiary institutes to gauge skills, practices, and knowledge that can be applied in our local markets.

Dr Kishore adds that further improving the quality of qualifications for various programs in local universities will boost our capability and open new doors to international markets.

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“With this legislative review, we want to make sure that our qualifications in Fiji are equally good and benchmarked with international best practices. This is one of the key things that’s coming out of this legislative review.”

The FHEC says part of the review is to learn from the international workforce and adopt similar practices in curriculums to improve the quality of our graduates.

The works currently being undertaken by the Commission are not just quick fixes, but concrete action plans for reform that will elevate our education sector and workforce in the long run.