Learn to make adjustments: Dr Reddy

May 18, 2022 12:10 pm

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture/ Facebook]

Rising food prices will have little effect on you and your family if you are willing to make adjustments.

This was relayed by Minister for Agriculture Doctor Mahendra Reddy to Koroqaqa Farmers’ Co-operative in Baulevu while handing over a portable rice mill yesterday.

Dr Reddy says there is a need to make adjustments in terms of substituting cheaper and healthier food for expensive imported products.

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[Source: Ministry of Agriculture/ Facebook]

Minister Reddy revealed that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations had just released a report that highlighted the rise in food prices globally. However, he stressed that here in Fiji, this wouldn’t be an issue if we continued our home gardening program and continued our agricultural expansion and production, ensuring supply was not an issue and that households too should make adjustments.

There is also a need to increase the production of crops in which we have strategic advantages, and one of these crops is rice.

Dr. Reddy stated that the Ministry recorded massive rice production this year, which was higher than the production rate recorded last year.

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture/ Facebook]

Meanwhile, he also thanked the farmers for mobilizing and pushing agriculture expansion adding that the Agriculture sector’s exports in 2020 for the first time ever exceeded the $100 million mark; $106 million in 2020 and this went up further to $121 million in 2021.

Abhay Singh, the Secretary of the Koroqaqa Farmers’ Co-operative thanked the Ministry of Agriculture for bringing the rice mill to Koroqaqa as it would assist the rice farmers in his area during harvesting.