Lack of activism remains an issue: Deo

September 29, 2022 2:30 pm

A lack of participation and understanding of recyclables and waste management is still a problem that contributes to environmental degradation.

This is according to Waste Recyclers Fiji Director Amitesh Deo,

Deo stated in a roundtable discussion on ‘Recycling and Environment Work in Fiji’ in Suva that much more needs to be done to encourage behavioural changes in solving the most prevalent issue in our society.

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He expresses concern about the lack of recognition for such work in society.

“One of the keys issue that we face and they face is lack of recognition for their work and lack of recognition. Their work is a trend which is a problem because the work they do in a country like Fiji, but in developing countries is very relevant because we don’t have enough resources. Municipal councils don’t have enough resources. Private companies don’t have enough resources, like all recyclable that is there.”

Yesterday, five environment panellists from relevant organizations convened at the French Ambassador’s residence in Suva, where they shared insights about their community work and the challenges they face in these recycling and waste management spaces.