Labor migration causing job shortages in Fiji

June 14, 2022 6:25 am

Jitesh Patel.

The recent increased migration of labor to Australia and New Zealand is causing a major vacuum in the retail business.

Suva Retailers Association President Jitesh Patel says this is fast becoming a concern for employers as more and more Fijians are opting for greener pastures.


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“They train the staff who are long-term workers, and all of a sudden they give resignation notices to go for a better job in Australia, but I think it should be looked into, and we support that the unemployed should be given the first chance because it will help them to gain experience overseas.”

Patel says while many Fijians are benefitting from the labor scheme agreements that Fiji shares with Australia and New Zealand, some businesses are concerned that this will soon affect their operations in the long run.