Korotari fatal accident case stood down

June 20, 2022 1:00 pm

Amrit Sen.

The Labasa Magistrate Court has stood down the case of a prominent lawyer who is charged with the murder of a man earlier this month.

Magistrate Bimsara Jagodage has stood down the case to 2pm for bail hearing following a request from the accused, Amrit Sen’s lawyer Abhay Singh.

Singh told the court this morning, his client has not been served disclosures, the charge sheet or summary of facts for the case so they do not have any idea of what charges have been bought against him.

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Police prosecution informed the court the disclosures are yet to be served as the accused was interviewed on video and it would take 14 days to transcribe translate and to serve it to the accused.

The signed charge sheet was served in court this morning.

Sen appeared in court this morning with an arm in bandage.

He is charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, one count of conspiracy, and seven counts of an act intended to cause grievous harm, two counts of criminal intimidation, one count of assault causing actual bodily injury, and one count of damaging property.

His lawyer requested the court for some time to go over the charge sheet with his client before the charges are read in court.

Singh told the court the accused has already been tried by the media and had requested that only specific details of his charges be read in court.

He adds, they will also like to apply for bail.

Sen is remanded in custody and will reappear at 2pm.