Koroidrekelevu laid to rest, postmortem report revealed

August 11, 2022 5:00 pm

Relatives, and friends bid their last farewell to one of their own, Monika Koroidrekelevu.

Today, families, relatives, and friends bid their last farewell to one of their own, Monika Koroidrekelevu at Volivoli Village in Nadroga.

Koroidrekelevu was a Nadroga women’s rugby player who passed away last Sunday after being bedridden for weeks from the injuries she sustained while playing against Naitasiri in the ANZ Marama Championship in June.

Following the incident, some revelations have been made today by the 19-year-old’s mother, Torika Koroidrekelevu.

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Speaking to FBC News, Koroidrekelevu says she vividly remembered the moment a Naitasiri female rugger tackled her daughter, causing an imbalance to her lower torso while settling on the ground.

“I was worried when I saw what happened to my daughter. She sat on the ground for almost a minute before she stood up and continued playing. I knew something was wrong. My daughter told me what occurred on the ground. She experienced a bit of concussion. My daughter’s health started to deteriorate straight after that game as well.”

Korodrekelevu says they went home and advised her late daughter to stay at home for a while and refrain from going to camp.
However, the Sigatoka Methodist College student insisted and went camping the next day, where she did not spend enough time with the other female ruggers after she felt non-stop back and stomach pain.

The late Koroidrekelevu was battling these pains for almost two weeks despite using herbs and other traditional means to overcome the painful situation.

“I took her to the Sigatoka Hospital and later transferred her to the Lautoka Hospital. I also noticed a spinal abscess. I felt sorry for my daughter, as her appetite was poor for days. She will eventually vomit after consuming food. We were transferred to the CWM Hospital in Suva to undergo spinal surgery and to drain out the pus. However, my daughter resisted.”

Korodrekelevu says she signed a form and they returned to stay with a relative in Lawaqa, Sigatoka.

She adds that Koroidrekelevu was well after returning from CWM. However, her situation got worse on Thursday, adding to her paralyzed lower part of the body.

“She faced difficulty talking and was not eating at all until she passed away early Sunday morning. We were devastated, but rest assured she’s in a better place. She was just reading the bible, listening to songs of praise, and seeking forgiveness from her family and friends a few days before she passed on. “

Koroidrekelevu stresses that following the postmortem on Tuesday, the Doctor stated that sepsis, spinal abscess intrathoracic, and pneumonia were the main causes of death.

FBC News sent a question to the Fiji Rugby Union Chief Executive, John O’Connor, inquiring about the process they undertake if a player dies because of an injury sustained from an FRU-sanctioned event like the Marama Championship.

Police have also confirmed receiving the postmortem report.

Koroidrekelevu says they’ve lost an instrumental member of a family and a resilient young girl who never ceased to take on challenges and one who always had a passion for everything she did.

She was described as a beacon of hope and strength to her friends, as well as her dedication to every task bestowed upon her, no matter how tough it was.

Koroidrekelevu is survived by her parents and seven other younger siblings.

Families, relatives, and friends bid their last farewell to one of their own, Monika Koroidrekelevu at Volivoli Village in Nadroga