Koro Island to go organic soon

May 4, 2022 12:10 pm

KORO ISLAND TO GO ORGANIC. [Source: Ministry of Agriculture/ Facebook]

The Ministry of Agriculture is working to declare Koro as an organic island.

Minister Doctor Mahendra Reddy says this is crucial and farmers should do away from the use of fertilizers to help increase production.

Dr Reddy says soil fertility on various maritime islands should be well utilized as this can help increase the quality of our produce and at the same time meet the demand for organic produce from local and international markets.

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He adds that the Ministry is also working in other maritime islands to help expand the Agriculture sector.

“We want to declare those areas, those regions and those islands as possible organic and then we can enter into a premium market so when we are in a heavily competitive market and we are only producing a fraction of the overall production, the only way to survive in that competitive market is if you differentiate our product.”

Dr Reddy says this will be done in other maritime islands to help farmers provide for their families.

The Agriculture Ministry continues to provide the support needed to farmers to help expand the commercial agriculture sector.