Korean Community in Fiji raise concerns over Grace Road Church saga

September 11, 2018 7:55 pm

The Korean Community Association of Fiji says they have faced some backlash over the Grace Road Church saga.

Speaking anonymously on behalf of the association, their spokesperson says while they have nothing to do with the Church, they have faced some abuse hurled at them under the assumption they are Grace Road Church members.

This comes after the Grace Road Church Founder – Shin Ok-ju – was arrested in South Korea last month on allegations of confinement and assault involving the estimated 400 Churches followers in Fiji..

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“Korean people in Fiji are very shocked, this many people, they don’t know how they operating their church here and their businesses and that’s why we also show from Korea, the television and then many people have seen it as very shocking and we worry about some of our people there.”

The Association Spokesperson says their community of 1200 is involved in various aspects of Fijian life and does not condone abuse of any kind.

Meanwhile, the South Korean documentary Unanswered Question notes that despite the Korean Police being in Fiji last month, none of the followers wanted to go back.

Questions sent to the Grace Road Church here remain unanswered.