KOICA funds construction of evacuation centres

August 22, 2022 4:13 am

[Photo: Supplied]

The Korea International Cooperation Agency will provide funding of around $12m between 2022 and 2025 to improve disaster response systems, and construct four evacuation centres and retrofit existing shelters.

The project will be led by International Organization for Migration in partnership with Save the Children Fiji and National Disaster Management Office.

IOM and NDMO will work together to develop a national evacuation centre management guideline.

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This will ensure clear roles and responsibilities for the community and government during a crisis.

NDMO’s information management systems will also be updated so that Fiji can efficiently predict, understand and quickly respond to humanitarian needs.

The project also provides improved evacuation facilities and management processes in four locations.

Evacuation centres will be built or refurbished in remote and high-risk locations determined in coordination with NDMO, community and provincial authorities.

The evacuation centres will be designed to serve as a venue for community activities including income generating activities for women.

NDMO Director Vasiti Soko says it will provide a blueprint for future evacuation centre refurbishment and construction across Fiji.