Keeping Savusavu clean project gets underway

November 29, 2022 5:30 am

[Photo Supplied]

In efforts towards being environmentally responsible and sustainable, Savusavu Town Council and Nawi Island have embarked on a new project which involves ‘Keeping Savusavu Clean.’

In September, Nawi Island signed as a 100% sponsor for garbage bins right throughout Savusavu Town.

Nawi’s Investors Advisor Ron Valeta says with the opening of their Marina in December, they are anticipating a lot of visitors to Nawi which will no doubt trickle into Savusavu Town.

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In this regard, they are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that Savusavu remains clean and pristine.

Savusavu Town Council CEO Seema Dutt says this is a step towards their environmental protection and beautification initiative so it’s imperative they get the understanding and support from visitors and residents in Savusavu.

Dutt has also made a plea to the general public to respect these rubbish bins when they are finally fixed throughout the town.

She says that in the past, the Council bins have been vandalized and damaged or used by businesses and residential.

The Nawi-sponsored bins are currently in production and will be installed in December.

The crafted Rubbish Bins are being built by Savusavu’s very own Montfort Boys Town (MBT).