Kamikamica questions the impact of foreign direct investment

December 28, 2022 2:00 pm

Ariel shot of the Suva CBD. [File Photo]

Minister for External Trade Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Manoa Kamikamica says he wants to understand the level of foreign direct investments in Fiji.

He says he wants to know the amount of money coming from offshore to drive the Fijian economy.

Kamikamica revealed that he has been talking with some business people and they feel that it is moderate.

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“How much is being invested in Fiji from offshore, that’s key because it then creates employment so these are things that we need to understand. If it’s low, what can we do to facilitate it and I know there’s always discussions about tourism but there are other business areas too that needs that we can look into that will retain more dollar in Fiji.”

Kamikamica says Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is an area that we can focus on as according to assessments in Australia, the BPO sector earns about US$38 billion, and achieving at least three to five percent from this total amount for Fiji will be a great economic achievement.

The Minister states that he will also be arranging a meeting with Investment Fiji.