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Just listen to this voice: Bainimarama

November 3, 2018 5:15 am

Don’t listen to other political parties and their lies, just listen to this voice.

This was the statement by FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama during the party’s family fun day in Savusavu.

Bainimarama says people in Vanua Levu are just listening to SODELPA’s Mosese Bulitavu and Niko Nawaikula rather than looking at the developments done by his government.

“Vote for FijiFirst, because FijiFirst will look after you, and your family, your sons and daughters and your grandchildren, because we have been doing that. All other parties have said the same thing, but there’s no record of them doing it. NFP said they’ve been around for 55 years but guess what, they have not govern the one year. They have never won any election, so don’t listen to those people, listen to us.”

Bainimarama says that a lot of people have been lied to but they don’t realize it because they don’t know the truth, therefore when the Ratu’s and Adi’s make their speeches, people think it’s God’s truth.

He claims that when people vote for the National Federation Party, they are voting for SODELPA too.

Bainimarama adds that people should vote for FijiFirst as they will take the country forward and not backwards.

He mentions that whilst being interviewed by Radio Fiji One’s show “Na Vakekeli”, the host had asked him about the ring the Attorney General wears.

Bainimarama says the host had mentioned that when AG’s ring spins, it places a bad influence on the people.

The FijiFirst leader told the host that he has a ring as well, however the ring has the Lord’s Prayer engraved on it.

Bainimarama adds these sorts of stories shows the amount of lies being spread by people.

He reiterates that no one should listen to those lies but to listen only to him.