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Its back to work for employees

November 14, 2018 11:30 pm

It’s a normal working day today after workers took a day off yesterday to cast their votes.

It was a little over six o’clock this morning as Carpenters Shipping boarding officer Tomu Raturaga rushed to commence his work from where he left off yesterday.

Raturaga says they’re looking forward to the 2018 Election provisional results updates.

“Our plan today is to complete our work this morning because we work from yesterday afternoon, we went to vote, came back continue with our work, so we plan to wait for the results today. We hope for a good government take us forward.”

Security Officer Viliame Usa says while working last night, he was only hoping for the best party to win.

“I was following up with the results in the RF1 and thank God, Bainimarama has pulled up the election this morning about more than 100K. Never mind I am a SODELPA supporter but I like what god has done if Bainimarama wins.”
70-year old cleaner, Falavia Masikau says while casting her vote yesterday, she is aware that today is a normal working day.

“After voting yesterday, I went straight home because today I came back to work. Last night I was listening to the counting of votes until 12 then I went to sleep. I will go to some people in my office, some have radios, so after 30 minutes I will go around and listen to get the updates.”

It’s back to work but also the wait is nervous as Fijians wait to find out who will form the next Government.