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It was never my intension to burn him claims Devi

June 15, 2018 4:50 am

Marriane Premila Devi who is charged with one count of murder claims that she loved her husband and never intended to kill him.

Devi took the stand today in the Suva High Court explaining the events of that day which lead to the death of her de-facto husband Bal Krishna Naidu were unintentional.

It is alleged Devi set her de-facto partner alight by pouring kerosene on him on November 17th in 2016 at their home in Sakoca, Suva.

Devi is charged with one count of murder.

The forty-one-year old told the court that she only poured the left-over kerosene from the stove on her husband following an argument.

Devi alleges Naidu then provoked her to burn him.

She says following this she rolled some newspapers together and lit it.

Devi claims when she turned around Naidu was standing just behind her and the lit newspaper touched his pants – setting him alight.

In testifying, the accused told the court that she really cared for her partner, as when he was admitted in hospital she stayed there for four days taking care of him.

In the cross examination, Prosecution questioned Devi’s understanding of the effects of lighting a fire next to a person covered in kerosene, to which she admitted she understood.

The Prosecution went on to ask Devi about why she poured the kerosene on him, to which she replied she was upset with Naidu because he misused the money she had given him.

Devi admitted that although Naidu was provoking her to set him alight, he did not cause her any physical harm.

In was also revealed in court that both Devi and Naidu had taken out DVRO’s against each other.

High Court Judge Justice Salesi Temo will sum up the case for the three assessors on Tuesday.