IPC Guideline will improve health care delivery

May 24, 2022 1:00 pm

Dr Fong officiating at the launch of the Infection Prevention Control Guideline in Suva today

The Ministry of Health reached a milestone with the launch of the Infection Prevention Control Guideline in Suva today.

Permanent Secretary for Health Doctor James Fong says defective IPC causes harm and can kill.

During the launch Dr Fong adds that without effective IPC, it is impossible to achieve quality health care delivery.

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“Infection prevention and control effects all aspects of health care, including hand hygiene, surgical site infections, injection safety, antimicrobial resistance and how hospitals operate during and outside of emergencies.”

Dr Fong says IPC will provide the core components of a guideline that will provide health care administrators with a framework to prevent and control infection transmission.

“Effective IPC requires constant action at all levels of the health system, including policymakers, facility managers, health workers and those who access health services.”

Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong says Fiji’s IPC Guideline will further assist the IPC Focal Points, improve productivity and service delivery.

Dr Fong says the first guideline was prepared by an Infection Control Working Group in 2004.

Health Professionals are taking part in the two day IPC Guideline training in Suva.