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Investigating Officer reveals Ali's caution interview in Court

May 30, 2018 5:08 am

Investigating Officer Detective Abhay Nand today read out in court Imshad Izrar Ali’s caution interview.

Ali has been charged with one count of murder.

Nand said that the accused met his defacto-partner Rajeshni Sharma in 2008 and moved in together in late August at Rewa Street.

He said that on the 1st of November, Ali stated that they did not have enough money for rent and shopping but Sharma wanted to recharge her phone.

Ali said that he was not employed then and advised Sharma not to recharge rather pay the rent and for the shopping.

He mentioned in his interview that he wanted to go to Nadi for a court case but Sharma disagreed and said that he couldn’t leave without her consent.

Ali said then Sharma hit him with a plate and said that he was not responsible enough to be a man and was a free rider.

He mentioned that this made him angry and pushed Sharma to the kitchen floor, she fell and blood came from her head.

Ali said that he used an iron rod to hit her and pressed her neck with his right leg and noticed that she was motionless.

He then took the kettle cable, placed it below her neck, and pulled it in the opposite direction for at least one minute.

He then cleaned up the blood using a cloth and went to the bedroom and was unconscious till 3am the next day.

He then packed his clothes, took Sharma’s phones and left for Nadi.

On his way to Nadi, he broke Sharma’s phones and threw it away including the house key.

Ali also mentioned that he was jealous of Sharma because a guy by the name of William used to call her.

He also mention that he had stopped Sharma from going to her husband as he did not want to be left alone.

On his way back to Suva on the 3rd of November he informed the police officers at Samabula Police Station to check his house as he had tried calling Sharma who was not responding.

One of the parent of Sharma’s student had also called Ali to check on Sharma but he told her that he was in the West.

Ali said he did this to cover up for himself and even went to the landlords place to ask for spare keys to the house.

State Lawyer Meli Vosawale in his cross examination asked the witness who showed him the iron rod at the scene, Nand said that the other investigating officers showed him the rod.

Defense Lawyer Abhay Singh put to the witness that his client was not given a chance to read the caution interview.

Nand said that Ali was given the written copy of the statement.

Singh also asked why Nand had not done anything when his client reported to him that he was assaulted at the Nabua Police Station.

Nand said the accused had not complained about it but was taken to the hospital because he requested for it.

The trial continues tomorrow.